Nellie’s Background and Counseling Philosophy

Nellie offers over 19 years of experience providing intensive psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families from different ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds. She feels privileged to have been able to help thousands of people recover from anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, divorce, and grief/loss. She has also guided many clients through major life role-changes, transitions, parenting, work-related and other life stressors. When clients are finished with therapy, they no longer feel alone but empowered, aware, more connected in relationships and optimistic about their future.

Nellie’s approach is genuine, validating, and personable. Her style is eclectic and includes traditional (CBT, DBT, Exposure Therapy, Couples Therapy, Interpersonal, and Family) and neuroscientific (Brainspotting – brain-body connection) approaches to therapy that are designed to personally fit the client, so as to be most effective long-term. She works with couples, individuals, and families create life and develop meaning, connection, love, and joy in their lives.

Feel free to call Nellie for a free phone or in-person consultation – 262-641-4347 ext. 105. Nellie is confident with her many years of experience that you are highly likely to find your therapeutic process to be rewarding and healing.

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