Is your relationship going through a difficult time? Do you feel as if you’re having the same conversations with your partner or your children and nothing changes? Are you losing sleep over your children’s academic or social difficulties at school?

Together we can find a solution.

As a practicing school psychologist with 18 years of experiences across all age levels (elementary, middle, and high school), I’ve seen first hand the difficulties other family members face during these troubled times. I understand the havoc, that may occur on a marriage, children have when dealing with issues in school or with friends. And I understand that a child’s behavior might become more difficult during a period of disconnection in a marriage. Together we can examine these unhealthy behavioral cycles and establish new routines to ensure successful outcomes.

As a marriage and family therapist I can help.

I work with families, couples, adults, adolescents and children. It’s my hope to help each client understand how their individual beliefs and actions have ripple effects on friends, teacher’s and loved ones. My years in the school districts has given me a wide breadth of experiences and successful outcomes. As a solution based therapist, I believe in a collaborative approach putting our heads together and finding solutions to change the unwanted dynamics.

My practice is based on spirituality, honesty and mutual respect. I believe we all have a sense of purpose and it’s my job to help people find theirs. I am direct, genuine and authentic. I find both adults and children trust this practical approach. Above all, I am open minded, non-judging and examine and seek to understand all sides of a story. It’s my hope that I may help you, your partner, or your children learn to respect, share and acknowledge the differences we have. It’s from these differences, we can grow and better understand one another.